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This book couldn't have been written without the support of my friends, family, and Kickstarter backers (friends from afar!)

Super duper thanks to our sponsor

The biggest thanks goes to Kinsights for sponsoring Hello Web App on Kickstarter, and in particular for pushing the campaign over its goal. A bit about them:

Kinsights is a free advice-sharing network for parents. Get advice from parents that you'll actually use. Learning Django? Join a group of other Django-loving parents here: https://kinsights.com/for/django

What a great resource after you're done with this book!

Book reviewers, editors, and testers

I tested (and tested, and tested) this book and yet things still snuck through. The hugest thanks to those that took the time to review, edit, and run all the code bits contained within this book — your feedback was invaluable.

Andrey Petrov
Kenneth Love
Carol Willing
Drew Gerlach
Glen Gilchrist
Hans Meldgaard
Kerstin Kollmann
Leland Richardson
Matthew Oliphant
Olya Sanakoev
Osvaldo Santana Neto
Peter Westlake
Richard Cornish
Siow Chen Ang
Vincent Smith

Help and suggestions

I wouldn't have made it this far without having a lot of smart people giving suggestions and lending help.

Julia Elman
Michael Trythall
Kenneth Love
Audrey Roy Greenfield
Daniel Greenfield
Jonathan Snook
Poornima Vijayashanker

Kickstarter backers

Hello Web App's Kickstarter campaign was a success due to the generosity of the folks below. Again, my sincere thanks:

Aidan Nulman
Alejandro Krumkamp
Andreas Djunaedi
Andrew Louis
Andrew Wasem
Andy Giffen
Angie Chang
Ben Blumenfeld
Bryan Veloso
Carol Naslund Willing
Chris Spicer
Cory Benfield
Daly Chang
David Ritter
Ed Stockman
Ellen Amudipe
Enrique Piedrafita
Frederic Tschannen
Jackie Ta
Jannis Leidel
Jeremy Gillick
Julio Carlos Menéndez González
Kara Beyer
Kathleen Tuite
M. Jackson Wilkinson
Maria khomenko
Marta Maria Casetti
Martin Kleppmann
Matthew Oliphant
Noah Kantrowitz
Olivier Yiptong
Ozzie Sabina
Rachel Cordray Sanders
Ryan Feeley
Sam Stokes
Samuel Clay
Theodore Tedwardson III
Thomas A Kent
Tim Kuehlhorn
Toby Bettridge
Turki Alotieschan
Tzu-ping Chung

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