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Brief books and videos by Tracy Osborn to teach you how to build a web app, how to make better designs, or both.

Hello Web Design

Web design fundamentals and shortcuts.

Design shortcuts and fundamentals aimed for programmers, developers, marketers, and non-designers. Learn just enough design to be dangerous.

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Hello Web App

Learn how to build your first web app.

Want to build your first web app? Hello Web App walks you through building and launching a simple web app using Python and Django.

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Recent articles

  • New Hello Web Books Website!

    After a few months of work, I'm super excited to release the new Hello Web Books website design to the world! When I originally designed this website, I stepped out of my comfort zone and added a lot of photos, banners, fonts, and colors - I'm terrible at designing the ... Read more...

  • Hello Web Design’s Product Hunt Launch Recap

    On January 19th (after fretting for at least two weeks), I finally launched Hello Web Design on Product Hunt (You know, my book/video course teaching design for non-designers. The post did way better than I hoped, becoming the #5 product of the day. Here’s my recap of the process and ... Read more...

  • Shipping and Fulfillment for My Self-Published Books (Update Since I’ve Moved to Canada)

    Since I’ve moved to Toronto, Canada, I’ve had to set up a completely new fulfillment system, so now that blog post is completely out of date. My current solution still has some kinks but lately I’ve had a few big “ah ha” moments (and a few shipping disasters, costing me ... Read more...

  • Design for Non-Designers: Part 3

    Part 1 of this design series dealt with the visual design, and Part 2 delved into user experience, content, and testing. Here, we’re going to jump into a bit about theory and reassurances that will help you become a better designer. Read more...

  • Design for Non-Designers: Part 2

    The most gorgeous website in the world is useless if folks using that website can’t achieve what they want to do. It's more important that your design works well than how it looks. How to tell whether your design is working well? Read more...

  • Black Friday weekend Hello Web Books deals

    Black Friday (and Cyber Monday, and Small Business Saturday, and all those other things) is almost here! From Friday starting 12:01am until Monday 11:59pm, I'll be selling all three of my video courses for 25% off (only $59 for each package). Read more...

  • Design for Non-Designers: Part 1

    Even if you’re not a designer, I’d bet that at some point in your career you’ll need to do something visual, whether it’s making a landing page for your project, designing a form, creating your personal website, or making slides. So, part one: what’s the one main thing to remember ... Read more...

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