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Brief books and videos by Tracy Osborn to teach you how to build a web app, how to make better designs, or both.

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Three books released (so far!)

Released November 7th, 2017

Hello Web Design

Web design fundamentals and shortcuts.

Design shortcuts and fundamentals aimed for programmers, developers, marketers, and non-designers. Learn just enough design to be dangerous.

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Released May 4th, 2015

Hello Web App

Learn how to build your first web app.

Want to build your first web app? Hello Web App walks you through building and launching a simple web app using Python and Django.

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Released December 7th, 2015

Hello Web App: Intermediate Concepts

Intermediate Django web app tutorials.

Learn how to add more advanced features to your app, such as customer payments, user-uploaded images, proper database design, and more.

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