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Brief books and videos by Tracy Osborn to teach you how to build a web app, how to make better designs, or both.

Hello Web Design

Web design fundamentals and shortcuts.

Design shortcuts and fundamentals aimed for programmers, developers, marketers, and non-designers. Learn just enough design to be dangerous.

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Hello Web App

Learn how to build your first web app.

Want to build your first web app? Hello Web App walks you through building and launching a simple web app using Python and Django.

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  • Support me/Hello Web Books on Patreon!

    I'm working on the baby beginnings of several new books and zines and wanted a better place to do small, quick updates on progress (Twitter is a bit too ephemeral/noisy, I don't want to spam my email list, little updates weekly seems like too much work for blogging.) Not to ... Read more...

  • 50% off all Hello Web Books packages and products for Black Friday + Cyber Monday

    Oh hey it's Black Friday time again! Use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2018 on the order page to receive 50% off all products and packages. Coupon code will work until Monday the 26th at midnight ET. Enjoy! Read more...

  • Moved from a static site generator to full Django site

    This website got a big update! I created this website way back in the day using a static site generator named Cactus, which worked okay for what I wanted to do. Back then, my concerns were more about time to get things launched and making things as easy as possible ... Read more...

  • Hello Web App 2.0's Kickstarter was successful! Thank you.

    The new Hello Web App just finished its Kickstarter campaign making over 200% of goal! Thank you so much to everyone who backed the campaign, shared it with friends and family, and supported the re-release of my first book. Read more...

  • First free zine on command line basics has launched today

    Over the last few weeks, I've been working on a little project to go along with the Kickstarter campaign for Hello Web App (one week left!) I've punted around the idea of releasing little mini-books or zines on small ideas, like pairing fonts or working with git. Today I'm releasing ... Read more...

  • Hello Web App 2.0 is now fundraising on Kickstarter

    The first book I wrote was Hello Web App, teaching web app development using Python and Django. It's since been read by thousands of readers around the world, and I'm super excited to announce a new edition of the book, fundraising on Kickstarter! Read more...

  • New Hello Web Books website

    After a few months of work, I'm super excited to release the new Hello Web Books website design to the world! When I originally designed this website, I stepped out of my comfort zone and added a lot of photos, banners, fonts, and colors - I'm terrible at designing the ... Read more...

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