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How much is shipping for the physical books?
If you're in the US, shipping is $3.22. If you're in Canada, shipping is around $10 USD extra. If you're elsewhere, shipping is $14-30 USD extra.
Why is shipping so expensive?
I hear you, Australia + Asia customers. It really sucks that I can't send the books for less than $25 USD thataway. I'm looking into some way of shipping books en mass to another distribution center but unfortunately that hasn't happened yet.
What is the shipping speed?
US and Canada shipments should arrive in less than a week, and the rest of the world should arrive within two weeks. Unfortunately, I don't get tracking numbers for overseas shipments.
Where should I buy to give you the most amount of profit?
Buy from this website! Avoid Amazon (but please leave me a review there!)

Hello Web Design

Will I learn HTML?
Hello Web Design covers only visual, user-experience, and user-interface design — no front-end development. So, no HTML, CSS, Javascript, or any other sort of code.

Hello Web App

What level of programming experience do I need? What about HTML and CSS?
Hello Web App assumes you have no previous programming knowledge. But it's best if you know a bit about HTML markup — since the book starts out building a website and setting up static files, things will fit a lot faster if you know a bit about website creation. That said, if you like to learn-by-doing, feel free to walk through the tutorial verbatim and you'll learn some HTML as you go.
What do you build in the tutorial?
We're building a "collection of things." That sounds generic, but you can alter the generic examples ("Thing") to something that fits this metric (like building a directory of web designers, so your "Thing" will be a "Profile.") A lot of different ideas fit this — for example, Twitter is a collection of small paragraphs. Pinterest is a collection of photos. Facebook used to be a collection of personal data. I highly encourage you to build something unique to you, because what you'll learn will stick better!
What version of Python and Django is Hello Web App written for?
Hello Web App is written with Python 2.7 and Django 1.9. The book is basically Python 3 ready, but since a ton of resources (like plugins) are still on Python 2.7, I feel that beginner content should teach 2.7 so most resources are accessible. That said, I might release an additional Python 3 version in addition to the main book if demand is high enough.

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