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Hello Web Design

Hello Web Design

Learn design fundamentals, a tiny bit of theory, and a ton of shortcuts to help you learn design. Now being published through No Starch Press.

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Hello Web App

Combo Pack

Build and design your side project. Includes both Hello Web App and Hello Web Design.

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Hello Web App

Hello Web App

Everything you need to build and grow your first web app. Create a web app and make it a success.

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Get everything you need to launch a your first web app and then add intermediate features like an API, customer payments, and more.

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The digital books, lovingly designed by Tracy herself. Comes in PDF, .mobi, and .ePub formats for each.

Please note that the book was last updated for Django 3.2 and may be out of date. As it covers beginner concepts, most (maybe all?) may still work. But please reach out for a refund if it doesn't work for you.

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Beginner design books assume you want to become an expert designer. What if you want to learn just enough to complement your existing work? Hello Web Design will teach you the basics about design (no history!) and give you shortcuts so you can immediately become a better designer.

Now being published through No Starch Press

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Build and launch your side project, from design to code. Includes both Hello Web App (to teach you web development with Python and Django) and Hello Web Design (to teach your web design fundamentals and shortcuts.)

The Videos + eBooks

The complete Hello Web Books package! Includes all files and videos for Hello Web Design to teach you web design fundamentals, as well as the complete Hello Web App set to walk you through building a web app with Django.

Package contains:

  • 45 videos and screencasts — go through the book with the author, Tracy, introducing you to each chapter and walking you through each concept.
  • Access to a video dashboard so you can keep track of your progress.
  • The three eBooks in three formats each — the PDF (designed by Tracy), .ePub, and .mobi/Kindle.

The Paperbacks (eBooks included)

Hello Web Books paperbacks

Learn better with a physical book? I got you! This package contains the three eBooks (in all three formats) plus the paperback books. Shipping extra.

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Not for sale at the moment. Feel free to email if you really want a physical book.

Just the eBooks

The digital books, lovingly designed by Tracy herself. Each book comes in PDF, .mobi, and .ePub formats.

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