Giving away Hello Web App v1 copies

Hello Web App is on its second printing run, and for the reprint, I updated the text for Django 1.8 (which changed how the file is formatted) and fixed up some minor details in text and design.

I have about 45 of the original printing run left so I'm doing a mini-giveaway!

Ideally I'd like to give these to community organizations. I'm happy to give a license for the eBooks along with the paperbacks (so you'll also get the up-to-date digital version of the book). You can also use this reference for updating from Django 1.7 to 1.8 to use with the paperbacks:

Minimum "order" of 5 please! I'll cover shipping as thanks for taking these off my hands. :)

Email me [email protected] if you're interested!

All books have been given away, sorry I can't send more!