Hello Web App has launched

After a year+ (oy) and thousands of hours of work, Hello Web App v1.0 has now been released. Yay!

You can order your copies from Gumroad (http://gumroad.com/limedaring), Amazon (http://amzn.to/1yLsHFH), or Leanpub (https://leanpub.com/hellowebapp/).

FYI Amazon is showing the paperback book as being out of stock. I have been fighting with their automated system but they still didn't order enough. It should be back in stock by the end of the week, and I encourage you to order today even though it's out of stock so Amazon will learn to order more from me at a time. Gumroad paperback orders will be shipped by yours truly on Wednesday.

I am so excited that the book is finally live! Would love any feedback you have (and Amazon reviews too, of course.)

Keep an eye out on the blog, I'll be writing posts on:

  • Kickstarter: Marketing, breakdown of orders, what I did well and what I regret.
  • Marketing the book: Overview of the pre-order campaign, payment breakdown from the three platforms I launched on, where I shared the book, and how well the pre-order campaign went overall.
  • Writing the book: How I wrote the book, platforms I used and platforms I wish I didn't, why I used Markdown.
  • Design of the book:** Overview of taking my Markdown files and creating the print paperback and eBooks.

Lots of explanations and shiny graphs coming up!