Hello Web App: Intermediate Concepts has launched

I wrote Hello Web App (by which I mean the original book — I know I made the titles a little confusing) to teach basic web app programming to people who were more visually-oriented or had a web background. I deliberately kept the book very short because I wanted it to be non-intimidating, so it has the bare-minimum you need to launch a working app: a website, login, a database, basic browse pages and object pages. Just enough to launch something.

Of course, web apps usually end up needing more components, like payments, user-uploaded images, and more. Hello Web App: Intermediate Concepts helps you build more complex features onto your app, as well as teaching a bit of theory (like proper database design).

The full Hello Web App set.

You can buy Hello Web App: Intermediate Concepts on the order page, or on Amazon or Leanpub.

Thanks to everyone who backed the Kickstarter campaign — without you, this wouldn't have been possible.

So excited to finally have this book out!