Hello Web App is online for free

As some folks have noticed, I said I was going to only keep Hello Web App up to read online for free during the Hello Web Design Kickstarter... and then I didn't take it down. I was already leaning towards just keeping it online forever anyways, and then I got overwhelmed with HWD work, so...

...it's official, Hello Web App (the original) will stay online to read for free!

At some point (after Hello Web Design is done) I'm going to make a bunch of updates to the book, mainly ensuring it works with Python 3 and the latest versions of Django. I'll also reflect those updates on the online version. Hello Web App will also continue to be sold as an eBook bundle, paperback, or video package for those who prefer the designed or paperback versions of the book (or want to support my work, thank you thank you.)

(Don't forget that Hello Web App: Intermediate Concepts can also be ordered!)

There you have it. Enjoy Hello Web App, and prepare yourself for a bunch of Hello Web Design annoucements soon!