Library, bulk, and educational discounts available for Hello Web App and Hello Web Design

I've gotten a few questions lately about bulk, library, and educational discounts for all Hello Web Books, so I thought I'd write a quick note here.

Of course, I'm happy to give a discount for the above use-cases — just write me at [email protected] and I'll set up a special order form with a discount. While my order page sells the paperback book with the digital files included, I'm also happy to send just paperbacks (at a reduced price) for bulk/educational orders as well.

I've also set up Amazon to allow for bulk discounts. I vastly prefer to sell directly (since Amazon takes a ridiculous amount of money from me, so the books I sell through Amazon are essentially at-cost) but I know some organizations are set up to use Amazon easily. The only other issue is that I can't sell Hello Web App as a set on Amazon, so each HWA book will have to be bought separately. See the listings here: Hello Web Design, Hello Web App, Hello Web App: Intermediate Concepts