New photos of the final cover design

When I finished a preliminary version of Hello Web App, I immediately ordered a one-off copy with my draft cover from Magcloud, which is a really awesome print-on-demand service. It cost $26 but having a physical book in hand meant I could plaster this website and all marketing materials with photos of the book early. Photos are so much better than mockups!

I've updated the cover slightly since the original one, but unfortunately the final copies of the books arrived at my house after I departed on a three week trip to visit my husband's family and friends in Toronto. So I didn't get to see the final book design until I returned a few days ago. And how did the books turn out?

AWESOMELY. The best part is the spot gloss on the title that I decided to add on a whim. Suffice to say, I am VERY pleased with the final book design. I decided not to pay an extra $250 for a physical proof, so all of my cover and text paper weights, the gloss, and the final cover color were guesses that I hoped would turn out as splendidly as I imagined.

Amazon should be restocked by next week at the latest, and I am shipping out books throughout this week to Gumroad payments and Kickstarter backers.

I am so so so very happy. Want a copy? Order one here!

Also, If you're coming to DjangoCon EU (where I'm giving a workshop!) you can also order a copy here and pick it up at registration, saving $10 USD in shipping.

What do you think of the cover?