Photos of my test Hello Web App print copy

I've ordered one print copy of the Kickstarter Alpha so I can see how the design translates to print, as well as start updating some of the Hello Web App marketing (see the homepage of Hello Web App and the HWA Twitter.)

Already I can see some updates I need to make (for example, the inside edge of the content is too close to the spine, making the perfect-bound book harder to read.) However, that didn't stop me from having a mini-photoshoot in the yard. Enjoy this mini preview of the print book!

Oh, sidenote: A lot of people are asking about buying the book (which is pretty exciting.) I am working on a bunch of updates: collecting feedback from the alpha Kickstarter release, creating illustrations, and a bunch of other things that I'll go over in a future blog post. Will announce pre-orders and the launch date soon!