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This tutorial works best for those who have a solid understanding of HTML and CSS.

If you haven't worked with HTML before, there are tons of resources to help get you started with front-end development. Here are a few recommended resources:

It is recommended and highly encouraged to be comfortable building a website using basic HTML and CSS before jumping into this book. If you're not, it won't take long to get there.

Python (just a bit)

Here's the big one!

"But this is a book on how to learn how to program. Why do I need Python knowledge?" you might be asking.

The best resources for learning the basic principles in Python have already been written and are online for free: no need for Hello Web App to reinvent the wheel.

My personal favorite: Learn Python The Hard Way ( by Zed Shaw, which contains a series of easy and well written Python exercises. Try to get through at least half. It shouldn't take very long.

Alternatively (or in addition), the video tutorial Hands-On Intro to Python for Beginning Programmers ( by Jessica McKeller is excellent.

Make sure you at least partially understand the following concepts (More info:

  • Variables
  • If-statements
  • For-loops
  • Comments

If you don't feel like an expert, or even an intermediate, that's okay — these concepts will make more and more sense to you as you play around with programming. Once you feel like you have a basic grasp, we can start building our web app.

Suggestion: A Linux or Mac computer

Unfortunately, the Windows environment doesn't play as nicely with development and programming as Unix-based systems do (such as Linux and Mac operating systems.)

This doesn't mean you can't develop on Windows, and all Hello Web App instructions are written with both in mind. However, in general, life will be a lot easier on a Unix-based system, so if you have the option to use something other than a Windows environment, it's highly encouraged that you do so.

If you're using Windows and have any issues with Hello Web App's instructions while going through this book, check out our Windows resource page here:

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